"I'm so glad you were able to help my dad - you are now our "go to" person for anything technological/computer related. You and your business are a great asset to Tucson. Frederick Buechner wrote that one's vocation is where one's greatest joy, meets the world's greatest need. The world needs kind people with exceptional skills and the desire to share them. Thank you for finding and living out your calling."
-- J.B.

"I have used the services of Heart to Hard Drive for the past 3 years. The personalized service I have received has been extemely helpful. I have basic skills for using the computer (Word, billings, e-mail, etc.) and Audrey has patiently taught me how to use and develop other skills for more efficient use of the computer and all the programs that it offers. I HIGHLY recommend Heart to Hard Drive for folks with little computer knowledge to folks with a great deal of computer skills. The services are individually developed for each client."
-- Christy Morrison, secretary of the Evermor Foundation

"We have depended on Audrey to solve our personal device issues for nearly two years. She is responsive, has excellent knowledge of her profession and has saved us untold time and misery. We appreciate her talent."
-- Bill and Kathleen Thomas

"I'm a senior citizen who regards computers as a necessary evil: can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em. The one glimmer of light in the darkness of cyberspace is Audrey Sharpe. She's competent, kind, and extraordinarily patient. I consider myself lucky to have found her."
-- Mary H. Ber

"Recently bought a new computer. Lots to Learn. Audrey Sharpe recommended. Thank goodness. She also set up PayPal/eBay for me. Super knowledgeable. Also, super patience for someone of the older generation."
-- C.S.


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